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    Happy Friday The 13th!!!

    Beware of black cats and ladders today, as they may prove to be LUCKY!  ...You read that right!  We have been slacking on the It Pays To Be A Fan promo... so we have to make up for all those missing monthly winners... and what better day to do that than today?  5 winners were drawn this morning, 4 will be drawn later this evening, get those names in our bowl!  Congrats to all winners, who can be seen on our webby!  ;)

    It Pays To Be A Batling Fan!

    On the 13th of every month, we will choose a random person from our group that has:

    1) Our group displayed on their profile
    2) Has our store or sim in their profile picks

    That's it!  It's that easy!  
    ...It pays to be a fan!  ;)