Win L$100 Just For Being A Dedicated Batling!

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Hiya, Batlings!

Yup, that's right! I'm remaking a list and checking it twice! Been about 2 years now since we started this promotion, and I am proud to say we have participants from just about every letter of the alphabet!

The plans are to draw a name on the 13th of every month, and award L$100 to those who have:

1) Our group displayed on their profile
2) Any part of our Zamargad sim displayed in their profile picks

That's it! It's that easy!
...It pays to be a Batling! ;)

Winners are also listed on this page of our webby:
-Yes, if you have won in the past, you can win again!

...Just sometimes RL holds us hostage... so we play catch-up! The drawing for the New Year (2019) has us giving away a total of L$500 to participants! -That increases your chances of getting the prize L$!

So better hurry and join our group, and then put us in your profile picks! There's still a little bit of time left!

-Lilith & Samael ♥ :)

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