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T2 Black Pearl (x30)


We did not create EVO*MC Fairies, EVO*MC Collectibles, EVO*Shoals, or EVO*GO Fishin' fish, they are a breedable pet or ingredient in SL (we just made the awesome box, and this some of what we bring to the table). These items are no copy and cannot be replaced, so please make sure you are online when you purchase them to ensure proper delivery!

♦Landmark included for EVO Breeding Co. (make sure you find the free Hubstores Teleporter HUD there, which is updated from time to time).
♦Beautiful and fun to collect and breed.
♦Good to give away as gifts or sell.

•If taken care of properly and depending on what type of fairy you have, fairies summon new eggs about every 7-12 days (depending on rarity) and after the initial 8 days they take to mature.
•Fairies will need certain things to live, it's best you pick up a Starter Pack if you don't want to dive right into getting a city (although a city is highly recommended). Different themed cities are offered throughout the year in the vendors at the HUBs or EVO HQs.
•Remember to check your Ysra/city daily for any new collectibles or recipes.
•As Fairies have different prims in their jar versus after birth, we just went ahead and listed all as being 7LI, just in case (as that is the heaviest Fae we have seen inworld).
•Fairies are skilled in different areas, please be sure to check the website to know which one you are getting before you purchase, thank you!

•Collectibles can be added to recipes or cryptex games for things like more fairies, buildings, or other specialty items. Plankton is food for clams. Closed Clam collectibles can be opened with a Clam Knife for more collectibles.
•Most of our collectibles come in an easy to use rezzer that uses the beautifully designed Cubix Rezzing System. Both float text and menu give exact details on the name of this box, rezzing presets, how many items it contains, and how many items it is set to rez. It is currently set to rez things upward on the vertical axis, and not very far apart (for ease in adding items to recipes/cryptex/etc).
•To use the rezzer, first touch the side of the rezzer to tell it which direction you want it to move, it will light up red (to keep settings as they are, simply touch the top that is already red, which is the Zamargad symbol). Then touch either side (from the top or the bottom part of the Zamargad symbol), to get the rez menu. When it is done rezzing, you may need to move box slightly to ensure you see all your rezzed items (as items are rezzed from the center of the cube).
•Please be sure you have enough prims to rez, and are on land that is rezzable, as these items are no copy and cannot be replaced! Otherwise, you can just manually open the rezzer to get the items in your inventory. :)

•Fish can be bred, kept as pets, and add a nice aesthetic value to your mermaid fairy aquariums.
•EVO*GO Fishin' Tanks are sold separately inworld via the EVO*Go Fishin' system (LM included).
•LI is for the bag itself, individual fish LI is subject to change once bag is opened, depending on fish/quantity.

•Use the recipes with your collectibles to get other EVO items like upgraded collectibles (used for building city pieces) or fairies.
•Cryptex works like a recipe, the prizes vary as well.

Helpful instructions and resources can be found on this site:


Be sure to explore the site and join the EVO - Breedables & Games Group. Everyone is most helpful, and you will be having fun before you know it!

If you have any questions or comments before leaving feedback, feel free.

Now you have a piece of the majik! :)

-Lilith & Samael ♥ :)

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We did not create EVO*MC Fairies, EVO*MC Collectibles, EVO*Shoals, or EVO*GO Fishin' fish, they are a breedable pet or ingredient in SL (we just ma...