Melyna Foxclaw Phenomenull Princess
Only two days left of the SLS Trick or Treat Event! And this freebie Toy Car from RYL!
The Many Faces Of Mel: #518 - Fun Stuff! (
Some fun stuff you might want to pick up before these events end! And they both end on Nov. 10th, so you haven't much time to get there! I have two sets here, the #3 - Bat Crazy and the #4 - Moonlight Flight. These are only two of the 10 designs you can win from the machine at Dark Passions. This is the SLS Trick or Treat Event. You will need a hud, there is a free one and a VIP hud for $100L. The VIP hud gets you a bonus prize after 10 plays. This is similar to a gacha, but NOT a gacha. There are no repeats and it does cost per play. But again, NO repeat prizes!