Melyna Foxclaw Phenomenull Princess
The Many Faces Of Mel: #517 - Spooky Poop Nails in the Hocus Pocus Event (
If you haven't had the chance to play Hocus Pocus at Dark Passions, you may want to get to that soon ladies! If you haven't seen the cuteness there of the Spooky Poop Nails, you really do want to see them! You grab the HUD, it's free and helps you to TP around to the participating stores. Land, find the cauldron and say 'Hocus Pocus' in local chat and you could win the prize for this event! Free! If the magic words do not work for you, then you can come back in 24 hours to try again. Or, you can purchase the item for $50L! Still a great price for any of these items! This is the Dark Passions prize.