Melyna Foxclaw Phenomenull Princess
The big day is fast approaching!
L$50,000 in prizes for the Mission: Phenomenull Scavenger Hunt! Multiple ways to win! You definitely want to explore your way around the sim BEFORE the big event on November 12th. Instructions start at 7am SLT. Only 2 hours to complete the hunt! Not your typical hunt. You don't get objects, you get points... hopefully lots of them... so you can get paid big! Grab the notecard when you land there!
The Many Faces Of Mel: #515 - Have You Heard About The Mission: Phenomenull Sim & Scavenger Hunt Party? (
Have you heard about the Mission: Phenomenull sim yet? If not, you are in luck! It is a new sim that is only around for a short time October and November of this year. The sim is the site of some ancient runs overgrown foliage covers its grounds and apparently, it is home to an abandoned playground and carnival. The sim, even in its ruin, is beautiful. A great place to take some pictures and its many hidden paths hold some very interesting finds! There are many games and activities around the sim to entertain and some great Halloween tunes are playing on the radio (if you turn yours on).