Today Is Brought To You By...


Ah, the magic of Photoshop and Developer Kits.  Many hours and costly Lindens all for the glory of splendor! 

...Hooray, my tattoos now line up on the Maitreya body (because just using the tattoo layer makes the tattoos disappear with clothing, for some lame reason), I also added a more pronounced cleavage shadow, my nipples line up with the body/object definition, and my Catwa head has hoop lip piercings that look like fangs.

...Am I gonna sell this shit to somebody else?  
Hell, no.

Because that was painful. 

You wanna stare at tits and ass all day when you're not gay?  Fix your skin.  :p  Good, lawd!

And Catwa makes it so you actually have to upload textures to see what they'd look like on the head... shame on them for not allowing local textures to display on the head before upload!  Your head is no mod., and the Dev. Kit comes with no mod. example head objects... uhm, why? 

Those lips are a BITCH!  The only way you get the cupid's bow on the top lip, is to take a pic of your lips with their makeup on, and then add it as a new layer on your face skin in Photoshop.  Forget trying to make a more pronounced cupid's bow on your top lip, as it just makes it come out horrid - pixels strewn everywhere like you were a clown putting on makeup.  And no, the paint-by-numbers map they give you in the dev. kit sOoOo lies. 

So yeah. 
And fuck.

...But I got what I needed!  :D