The Faery Crossing Covenant June 2016
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*:-.,_,.-:*'´ `* The Faery Crossing Covenant *´`'*:-.,_,.-:*
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June 2016

This covenant references embedded notecards, which could not be posted here.  Please contact a member of The Faery Crossing Merry
Meeters  to obtain a copy of this document on a note card.


The Faery Crossing Guidelines June 2016:

Guidelines will be referred to as a subset of the Covenant.

The Faery Crossing is a medieval/fantasy themed Realm and although we do not adhere to a strict dress code we strongly encourage residents to dress according to our theme.  Visitors are welcome to follow suit but we prefer no modern or futuristic attire or avatars.  Free clothing is provided at our Fantasy Freebie shop to help you blend into our environment.  Exceptions are made for themed events.


We thank you for your interest in our fair lands.  We gladly offer glades and hollows, glens and meadows and even fire-lit nooks for travelers weary of the modern, the plastic and the glass down other roads.  Our community is eager to accept every new resident as though he or she has always been here.  

Due to our Mature rating, if you are under the age of 18 in First Life, you are not permitted in the Faery Crossing lands at any time.

All residents in our lands are required to read and agree to The Faery Crossing Guidelines.

1. Faery Crossing Property

For the entirety of this document, the term "sim" or simulator will be used to mean a
256 meter x 256 meter area of land.  The term "region" may also be used.

Land is available for purchase or long-term lease in the Faery Crossing and its fair lands.  When purchasing land here, you, the land owner (called steward in The Faery Crossing), are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.  Violation of the terms of this document will result in eviction with no refunds or reimbursements.

When leasing land from the Faery Crossing, you, the lessee, agree to the following terms and conditions.  Violation of the terms of this document will result in eviction with no refunds or reimbursements.

This section refers to land ownership and leasing.  Guidelines for Zoning, Community, Security is similar for buyers and lessees, however, lessees may not terraform, change music streams, manage their own security, or rename their parcel.  Please contact the FC Real Estate Manager if you have any questions about this.  Renters are on public land and as such, do not have particular land or parcel permissions.

Payment for a land parcel in The Faery Crossing lands cannot be made until the buyer has read and agreed to the terms of the covenant.

2 Financial Terms

Purchasing land involves an initial purchase price and monthly tier payments.  Prices are calculated based on US dollars (USD).  Should the exchange rate for Linden currency (L$) fluctuate greatly; we reserve the right to adjust the Linden price accordingly.  PayPal may be used for the initial purchase price.  Monthly tier payments are preferred in Linden currency, using the tier payment vendor system we have in place. 

2.1.1 Parcel Pricing

The Faery Crossing,
Wildewood, Wildefleur, Faerie Mere, Aetheria and Madrigal:
- 4096M with land impact limit of 900 =41800L$, or the current market equivalent of 150USD
- 3072m with land impact limit of 675 = purchase price 32100L$, or the current market equivalent of 115 USD
- 2048M with land impact limit of 450 = 22250L$, or the current market equivalent of 80USD

2.1.2 Tier Payments

Monthly tier payments cover the land use fees that are charged to sim owners by Linden Labs.  This fee pays for server use and maintenance.  The first monthly tier payment is due with the initial purchase payment.  Tier payments are due every month thereafter.  Tier payments differ for Stewards and lessees. 

4096m parcels: 
- Monthly tier - 8400L$ or the current market equivalent of 30USD- 900 land impact units
- Lease options: monthly tier 9750L$ or the current market equivalent of 35USD- 850 land impact units

3072m parcels:
- Monthly tier - 6700L$ or the current market equivalent of 24USD  - 675 land impact units
- Lease options: monthly tier 8400L$ or the current market equivalent of 30USD- 625 land impact units

2048m parcels: 
- Monthly tier - 5000L$or the current market equivalent of 18USD - 450 land impact units
- Lease options: monthly tier 6200L$ or the current market equivalent of 22USD - 425 land impact units

Other sized / parcels with differing land impact:
***-Lease options - 11.5L$ suggested per unit of the maximum land impact capacity of the parcel.

2.1.3 Making Payments

Payments are made in the Post Office designated for your sim, using the meter set up for your parcel.  Please do not pay your sim owner directly, as this method is incompatible with our record-keeping system.  Please contact the FC Real Estate Manager if you need directions to the post office for your sim.
For privately leased parcels, payment method is determined by the parcel owner.

2.2 Zoning

Preserving the look and feel of The Faery Crossing lands is of utmost importance.  We pride ourselves on being one of the most beautiful estates in SL and wish to continue to be so.  Therefore zoning is fairly strict and supervised.  Parcels are sold or leased for residential use only, and may not be divided or used for businesses.  See the skybox section for exceptions to this.

2.2.1 Terraforming (for stewards only)

The isles and waterways have been terraformed and lightly landscaped in a particular style and will remain so.  Minimal terraforming is allowed for the purpose of placing your homes and other items such as to smooth out stray hillocks projecting through the floor of your home.  If possible be sure to select a parcel that is pleasing to you as is and not one that you feel requires drastic changes.  When terraforming for home placement, avoid creating sudden transitions from your parcel to your neighbors'. If you have any concerns whether a particular change is acceptable, please send your request on a notecard with your name via the High Faery Court Mailbox located outside the front door of the Faery Crossing Castle.

The Faery Crossing Mailbox.:

2.2.2 Preservation of Theme

The Faery Crossing:
The Faery Crossing has a small magical village ambience.  Cottages, huts, medieval homes, magical caves, grottos, gypsy encampments, and other fantasy homes are welcome. 

Wildewood is a home for Fae and other magical creatures who live in the dark woods and brambles.  Organic materials are encouraged in your builds: wood, stone, moss, mushrooms, ferns, thatch, twigs, etcetera.

Madrigal consists of Mediterranean gardens and waterfront parcels suitable for merfolk.  Cottages, gardens, wildflower meadows, gazebos, waterfront caves and grottos and seaside dwellings are all suitable builds.  There are some ancient temple ruins lying about, and continuation of this theme is also encouraged.  

Wildefleur is an abandoned English countryside garden taken over by the Faeries.  Attracted by the foxglove, fairy primroses and briar rose, they have taken up residence in old clay flowerpots, empty birdhouses, and a hollowed out gourds or beehives.  Garden-related structures are encouraged.

Aetheria, a village of islands: the ordinary, separated by deep waterways and the fantastic, suspended above the ground by magic, interconnected by bridges and climbing ropes.  This is the domain of Fae who like the open air and the deep water.  Natural and open styles, such as temples and tree houses and luscious gardens are often seen here, but a rocky coastal aesthetic and  mer areas are welcome as well.

Faerie Mere:
Faerie Mere is a forested area, interspersed by small brooks each originating from the central spring-fed lake.  Bordering the dark and mysterious, this land favours both rich colours and deep greens and blues.  Trees and shrubbery are often seen so as to keep the Faeries exploring there wondering what they'll see after the next patch of green.

Landscaping within your land should reflect the theme of the sim in which you reside.  The Faery Crossing lands experience a four-season climate and ground textures will be changed to reflect these seasons.  We ask your assistance in adding to the
ambience with changes in seasonal trees and gardens, when possible.  Madrigal, a tropical retreat in the south, maintains a balmy summer feel all year round.

Please keep the size of your build in relationship to your surrounds, with room for landscaping appropriate to a country or small village feel.  Homes should be no higher than 20M.  Tree houses are exceptions.  If you have any doubt about the suitability of your home in your particular
isle, please ask the sim owner prior to purchase and placement.  There is a list of suggested sources of homes available.  Ask a meeter, guide, or Court member for the newest notecard.

Suggested Homes and Builds  June 2016:

Parcels should be accessible via gates or openings in walls or hedges.  There should be at least one opening per wall or hedge.  Walls and hedges cannot be more than 2
metres tall.

Sounds are to remain within parcel boundaries.

Particle emitters can often spread in an unpredictable manner.  Take care that your effects do not flood into neighboring parcels.

Waterfront property may not always be so.  If a new region is placed next door to your property and changes your waterfront view you will be given an opportunity to relocate to another waterfront parcel on the new land if possible.

2.3 Parcel Care and Settings

2.3.1  Parcel Settings 

This is applicable to stewards only.  In order to maintain a consistent experience for all visitors to our lands, please set the following permissions in the Options tab in your parcel information screen for your parcel:

Allow other residents to:
-    Edit Terrain: uncheck
-    Create Landmarks: check
-    Fly: check
-    Create Objects: All Residents or group only: check (optional)
-    Object Entry:  All Residents: check
-    Run Scripts:  All Residents: check

Land Options:
-    Safe (no damage): check
-    Show Place in search: optional
-    Mature Content: uncheck

Access Tab:
-    Allow Public Access: check
-    Block Access by:
-    Residents who have not given payment info to Linden Labs: uncheck
-    Residents who are not age verified adults: uncheck   

2.3.2  Resource Usage

Use of excessive resources, including, but not limited to scripts,
flexiprims, sculpts and particles and wandering animals/creatures which adversely affect region performance is not permitted.  Determination of excess is at the discretion of the Estate Managers/Owner.

2.3.3 Dealing with Litter on your land

Stewards: Visitor-generated objects count against your total land impact count.  You are free to remove minor instances of
litter when you find them, but please call on a Brownie, Protector, or Sim Manager if the litter seems egregious or is a repeat instance from the same user.  Check your land regularly for litter, especially any evidence of a ‘squatter’ (someone who ‘sets up house’, often at higher altitudes).  See the Litter Removal notecard for instructions.

Litter Removal Notecard June 2016:

Leasers and Renters:  If you are renting or leasing, call a Brownie using group chat to remove litter.  You can also contact a Protector or sim manager to return litter.  If you are leasing a private parcel, contact the owner for help.

Permanent  Items: Some parcels contain items placed there for general use by The Faery Crossing.  These can be items used in quests, for events or for other purposes.  If you purchase or lease a parcel that contains such an item, please contact an estate manager prior to returning it.  If an event wishes to extend to your parcel, your permission will be sought.

2.3.4 Skyboxes

Above ground objects or builds must adhere to the above zoning regulations unless they are above 512
metres.  Discreet private business transactions can be conducted in skyboxes above 512 metres, but no exterior signs or landmarks advertising the skybox are allowed on the parcel.  The following activities are not allowed: clubs, casinos, malls, bars, and other mainland style businesses or rentals.  Contact the High Faery Court before you make your purchase or begin your lease to ascertain that your transactions are of an acceptable scope.

2.3.5 Rental Dwellings

The Faery Crossing also offers rental properties.  On these
properties you cannot terraform or change parcel settings such as music or media stream, object rezzing or voice availability.  Exterior decorations are permitted on any pre-existing patios, porches, balconies, or fenced-in gardens.  They must be thematically appropriate and not exceed your land impact  allotment.  If you have questions about a specific item you wish to keep outside your unit or if you have trouble meeting your rent payment, please contact The Faery Crossing Realtor.

2.3.6  Staying within the boundaries of your parcel or home

Stewards or leasers are permitted to place objects anywhere on their parcel, including in the airspace above it, but need to be familiar with their parcel boundaries and must obtain their relevant neighbor's permission prior to placing items that will overhang. 

Objects that give out inventory or messages automatically (i.e. by proximity) are not allowed.

2.4 Security and Privacy

Visitors to our fair lands are free to roam and you may find tourists admiring the beauty of your parcel.  We encourage this exploration.

A common security system (FaeSec) is part of the Faery Crossing lands.  It is used by the Faery Crossing Protectors to help maintain the peace.  This may mean that your land contains a relay (1 land impact unit) for this system.  These prims are well hidden and will blend in seamlessly.  In addition to our communal security, our Faery Crossing Gateway is equipped with a separate security system, to ensure a safe and drama-free learning environment.

You may keep your doors locked if you wish; however, ban lines, ban lists and private security orbs that forcefully eject visitors, outside of the communal systems, are prohibited on our lands.  If you desire more privacy, we suggest that you build above the 512m line, where private security orbs are permitted. 

If you need to eject or ban a visitor, you may do so only for violations of the rules of this Covenant, the Faery Crossing's Guidelines, or the Second Life TOS.  You will need to report the incident to the Faery Crossing Protectors as soon as possible, and get approval to leave the ban in place.

2.5 Selling or Subleasing your Land

You may sell your land at any time for any price you see fit.  Like you, however, the buyer must agree to abide by the terms of this covenant.  The buyer and seller need to leave a note card with the Faery Crossing Realtor, stating the terms and date of purchase.  You may also choose to sublease your land, but the leaser must likewise agree to abide by the terms of this covenant  Leasers and subleasers should be listed in the parcel description to protect their objects from being returned.

2.6 Termination of Contract

2.6.1 Termination Due to Non-Payment

Please be sure that your tier payment is paid in advance of the due date, and anticipate leaves or holidays by paying your tier in advance, to avoid losing your land.  If overdue, you will be contacted regarding non-payment and issued a request for payment.  If payment is not received within 72 hours of this notice, you will be evicted, your parcel will be reclaimed and all objects returned to you.  You will not be entitled to any refunds of land or purchase price, and the parcel will be resold.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.  After 72 hours non-payment will be considered an abandonment of property.

2.6.2 Termination Due to Covenant Violation and/or Banishment

Any breach of the terms
in this covenant that are unique to you as a steward or leaser will result in a warning.  Repeated warnings may result in an eviction: the land will be reclaimed by the region owner and all objects on that land will be returned.  You will not be entitled to any refunds of land or purchase price, and the parcel will be resold.  No exceptions will be made to this policy.

Any breach of the terms in the Faery Crossing Guidelines
are administered to without regard to personal holdings in our lands.  Since banishment in one sim of Faery Crossing extends to all sims of the Faery Crossing, a permanent banishment will result in an eviction.  Only the Gateway has the option of a localised ban for the Gateway only.

2.6.3 Abandonment of Land

Any steward may relinquish their land rather than
selling to another owner.  However, there is no refund of purchase price if you choose to abandon your land. 

PART III: Disclaimers

3.1 Linden Labs Issues

The High Faery Court has no influence on or control over issues originating at Linden Labs.  Therefore, the High Faery Court cannot be held responsible for issues such as outages, inventory loss, region downtime, bugs, or general quirkiness.  No compensation can or will be made for any losses due to service disruptions, temporary or permanent.

3.2 Covenant Updates and Changes

The covenant will be reviewed at least once per
year, but can be updated more often as required.  If a new version is released, this will be announced and distributed via FC group notice.  In addition, up to date versions will be maintained by the Faery Crossing Merry Meeters in the Plucked Wing and Merry Meeter Manor.  It is your responsibility to stay informed by obtaining and reading the latest version of the covenant. 

3.3 Interpretation

Requests for interpretation of specific cases with regards to the statutes held in this covenant may be brought before the High Faery Court.  This can be done by submitting such a request per notecard via the High Faery Court Mailbox located outside the front door of the Faery Crossing Castle.  The decision of the High Faery Court on these matters will be final.