The Faery Crossing Guidelines June 2016
Guidelines for the Faery Crossing LandsJune 2016

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Welcome to The Faery Crossing,
While amongst us you are expected to follow our Guidelines.     

The Guidelines are a subset of the Covenant.

How to Contact The High Faery Court:
You may contact the High Faery Court by leaving a notecard with your question/comment, labeled with your name, in the High Faery Court mailbox located outside the door of The Faery Crossing Castle.

Sharing and generosity of spirit and self is the basis of our community.  We respect all persuasions, fantasy roles and belief systems.  We welcome all those to our land who wish to live in harmony.  A peaceful coexistence is enjoyed by all here.  

While in our lands, people are expected to behave with respect, courtesy and kindness.  Name-calling, profanity and other actions that detract from the atmosphere in Faery Crossing will not be tolerated. 

Though these lands are designated Moderate by Linden Labs, our expectations for
behaviour in public areas are consistent with a General rating.  As such, nudity, sexual conduct, and profanity are prohibited in public.

As part of Second Life, we are also subject to the Second Life Terms of Service that can be found here:

1    Information on our Lands

The Faery Crossing is a
fantasy themed land with a strong emphasis on Faerie and its denizens, the Fae.  Made up of various interconnected regions, The Faery Crossing is governed by a body known as the High Faery Court.  In addition to the the main Faery Crossing group, many official Faery Crossing subgroups exist to support the various roles needed to operate our lands and society.  We have Gateway Guides to help newborns; Merry Meeters to greet and inform visitors and explorers; Brownies to help keep the lands pristine; and Protectors to attend to disturbances of the peace.

Of special mention, The Faery Crossing Merry Meeters are the main sources of information about our lands.  They are trained to welcome people to our lands and help them get settled.  If you require more information on our lands, such as the rules, events, locations for exploration or activities, please contact one of the Meeters in group chat, via the Merry Meeter call system at the Visitor Centre near the market or via private IM.

2    The Spirit of the People

*:-.,_,.-:*'´ `*  Live and let live, fairly take and fairly give *´`'*:-.,_,.-:*

2.1    The Faery Crossing Group Chat

The Faery Crossing group chat is open to all Faery Crossing members and may be used for general discussion.  However, the conduct we expect in our lands extends to group chat.  All participants are expected to behave with decorum and respect towards one another.  Not abiding by these guidelines may result in your removal from the group and our lands. 

2.2 Advertising Events on Group Chat

You are allowed to mention private or impromptu public events that take place within the Faery Crossing lands.  Such advertising may not be posted during a regularly-scheduled Faery Crossing event.  Events that take place outside our lands may only be advertised only under exceptional circumstances and with explicit approval from the High Faery Court.

Open invitations in local chat to events taking place outside of FC are not allowed during an FC event.

2.3    Role-play

The Faery Crossing is a themed land and not a full-time role-play environment.  You are free to engage in role-play as long as it is thematically appropriate (ie. Victorian era and prior), but you should have no expectations of other people participating in it.  You should refrain from role-playing when those present are clearly not responding to it in kind. 

Forms or systems of roleplay that solicit participation via
huds or other object-generated dialogs (i.e. drop-down menus) are prohibited, as are systems that log participants' names.  However, strictly visual paraphernalia - provided they are in compliance with The Faery Crossing Guidelines - are allowed.

Certain types of
role-play are by their nature contrary to our maturity rating and are therefore not permitted in any public area within the confines of our realm.  This includes, but is not limited to: BDSM and slave play.  It goes without saying that any sexualized activity with child or childlike avatars is also strictly prohibited.

2.4    Tags

Tags, whether group-related text preceding your avatar's name, or attachments that generate floating text that are contrary to the Faery Crossing philosophy are prohibited.  Such tags include text that is explicitly sexual or aggressive, that invites solicitation or contains wording that potentially violates the Second Life Terms of Service should be removed while in our lands.

2.5    Magic and Weaponry

Weapons may not be used in combat or aggressive manner outside applicable events, or outside consensual role-play.  Outside these situations, weapons should be sheathed or held in a distinctly non-aggressive manner (i.e. not held in an attack position).  Weapon usage is restricted to medieval style personal weaponry, such as swords, bows and staves.

The Faery Crossing is a magical land, so magic is generally allowed here.  Please keep in mind that magical effects consume region resources, so please limit your magic during events where multiple people are present and should be ceased when requested to do so.

Targeted spells that cause a physical effect, such as pushes or cages, generate objects that follow an avatar, or are designed to provoke a response are not allowed outside applicable events or consensual role-play where the effects do not unduly impact region performance.  Targeted spells that only cause minor visual effects are not disallowed per se, but should be used with the utmost care and respect to others and immediately ceased when targeted person gives any indication such spells are not welcome.

If you engage in weapons and magic use of the like allowed outside of appropriately structured events you must make efforts to ensure your activities are not bothersome to others.

3    The Spirit of the Land

*:-.,_,.-:*'´ `* Honour the Genus Loci, the Spirit of the Land *´`'*:-.,_,.-:*

The Faery Crossing is a land of Fae.  We pride ourselves on the beauty of our lands and we strive hard to maintain the
feel of wonder and magic that makes our lands so special.

3.1    Exploration

You are free to explore all areas of our
lands, and enter buildings with open doors.  Public buildings, such as the castle, the Plucked Wing tavern, Merry Meeter Manor, Madrigal Temple, the Visitor Centre and the various post offices may be freely explored. 

The grounds are open to all who wander.  However, do not enter a structure with a closed door (locked or unlocked) unless invited by the owner.  Do not use your camera to look inside a structure with closed doors if its owner is at home.

Do not fly or visit above 512m unless you have been given a landmark or teleport offer by the owner or event host.  Do not use your camera to look inside a structure above 512m.

If there is evidence that you have been in a private structure (behind a closed door), that you have looked inside with your camera, or you were in or near a structure of any kind above 512m without permission, you risk being banned from the lands

3.2    Privacy

Spying devices, and spells of any kind, and any magic or other methods that limit the freedom and/or privacy of others are strictly prohibited.

With the permission of the High Faery Court, chat relays are allowed for themed areas that span more than the 20m chat limit.  If relays are necessary, you may submit a request to the head of Events.  A sign must be placed to inform participants of the relay use.

3.3    Technology

"The Faery Crossing is a Medieval fantasy environment.  While we are somewhat flexible in our roles and themes, high technology and explicit modernism and futurism are not allowed here.  Accessories, transportation and housing need to be fantasy-themed and/or from an era similar to Medieval times or before.  For more information on housing, please read the Faery Crossing Covenant or contact the Faery Crossing Real Estate Manager.

3.4    Litter

You are required to clean up any prims you rez when you leave.  If you encounter something you suspect is litter, please contact a Brownie in group chat or in private IM.

3.4.1    Public Sandbox

In order to provide space for building, rezzing and unpacking large items, we have a public sandbox.  This sandbox is open to all, but take care that you do not bother others there with your builds or activities, and keep your builds below 250 metres.  Please delete or take your items with you when you leave.  

All other guidelines for
behaviour apply as normal.  For more information, please read the sandbox guidelines, which are available near the entrances to the sandbox.

4    Resource Usage

*:-.,_,.-:*'´ `* Use out of need, not out of greed *´`'*:-.,_,.-:*

Bandwidth is the air that we breathe in Second Life.  As part of a larger community, it is our individual responsibility to use it wisely. 

Use of excessive resources, including, but not limited to scripts,
flexiprims, sculpts and particles and wandering animals/creatures which adversely affect region performance is not permitted.  Determination of excess is at the discretion of the Estate Managers/Owner.

5    Doing Your Part

*:-.,_,.-:*'´ `* If all lift a pebble’s weight, mountains can be moved *´`'*:-.,_,.-:*

5.1    The Faery Crossing Brownies

The Faery Crossing Brownies provide the invaluable service of litter clean-up and control.  If you encounter something you suspect is litter, please contact a Brownie in group chat or in private IM.

5.2    The Faery Crossing Merry Meeters and Gateway Guides/Helpers

If you have a question, meet someone who is in need of guidance, or if you see information that may be out of date, please contact a Faery Crossing Merry Meeter via group chat or private IM.  Gateway Guides and Gateway Helpers are trained specifically to help newborns in our Gateway.

5.3    The Faery Crossing Protectors

The Faery Crossing Protectors help to maintain a peaceful atmosphere.  Call for a Protector in  the Faery Crossing group chat or direct IM if you observe behaviours that are in violation of these guidelines or the Second Life Terms of Service.

5.4 More information

If you want to know more about the Faery Crossing and its subgroups, please contact a Faery Crossing Merry Meeter and inquire about our Grasshopper orientation.

*:-.,_,.-:*'´ `* Love and Light *´`'*:-.,_,.-:*

The High Faery Court