Today Is Brought To You By...


A while ago I had a dream where Malakye visited me.  I never have sex dreams, but indeed it was one where I was a slave.  I was worried why he wouldn't have sex with me, as that was my purpose.  In fact, I was even contemplating asking his mother what I could do to make him want it more. 

He had blotched black and white skin, and when he turned to look at me, one eye was pure white (I could see the blue-ish outline of a pupil, but very very queer albino like), and the other a dark crescent moon (turned the way a rainbow is usually depicted).  He said he was made from the sun and the moon.  And he made it VERY clear to me that his name was Malakye.

And then I woke up.

Malakye is a Hebrew profit.  This makes sense because I am in love with the tale of Lilith.

Since about a month ago, I have often wondered what the meaning of this dream was.

Perhaps I am about to find out.

Someone is reading me like a book, being swept away in the (insert aphasia word here that describes how Renaissance Faire workers are live-and-quick-on-their-feet actors) movement of it all is uncanny, and we are meeting in person tonight.