(Bats Out Of Hats) Official Post 07MAR17

If you love unique things with a touch taboo, dark miscellanea, looking for that mysterious accessory to enlighten your home or your wardrobe?  --Then you've found it, my little bat-pie! ♥

"Fly To Our Wicked Sanctuary, Like a Bat Out Of..."

Greetings all, from The Witchly hat, adorning this gourd where ideas fly out of!
...What?  You haven't heard of us?
^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) is a store owned and run by:
MajikVixen (BlueVioletVixen Lorefield) & JonCernunnos Resident
AKA Lilith and Samael ♥

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♦Beltane MayPole Freebie:
Well, someone finally left me a review for this, and it was falsely bad.  They didn't even bother to contact me for their issues or come see it inworld first.  I reported it, but decided to relist this item.  So now the next person to buy this from our MP store and leave a proper review
, gets it for free.

♦Lucky #13 Promotion:
Buy anything at our MP store
 and leave feedback (remember that if there are any issues with the product, please contact us and we would love to help), and get 13% refunded to you when the review has posted!

♦^v^/<|;) Referral Rewards:
L$5 per person that's referred to our inworld group or Subscribr (found at the Tree Hub inworld).  New members must stay for at least a week.  See group notice for details

WHAT IS FOUND AT ^v^/ <|;) (Bats Out Of Hats)?:
Let me take you on a mini-tour thru the dark wood... Buried throughout the foliage, you will find unique things for sale with just a slight touch of taboo.  Our shop is a plethora of dark miscellanea, where you'll find that perfectly mysterious accessory to enlighten your home or wardrobe! Check out our Tree Hub right next to the Tiny Anywhere Doors that TP you to different levels... Our Tree Hub has some tasty tidbits of freebies, group gifts, group subscription, store info., and you can even make donations, if you wish.

The other levels include:

1) The Advertising Skybox 
Check it out and put the word out about your stuff! Cheap billboards now available, and seen by frequenting gamers of Lindo, Treasure Quest, SuperFish, The Vault, Cards Against Humanity, LGH/Trivia, and 2 new games: a Raffle and Skippo

2) The all things Fish Hunt Skybox
<º))))><.·´¯`·. May the fish be with you!.·´¯`·.><((((º>


...Yes, we have moved to our new sim of Zamargad!  Grand opening was on Thursday, February 16th and it was EPIC!  :D  
Thank you all for coming to this all day event...
Please see our MP listing for a freebie Thank-You Scrapbook
 filled with all kinds of pix! :)

Still not sure about our goodies?  Here's a taste of more with...

KittyCatS! Available only on the MP: 

Remember to check  our MP store
  for new PlantPets.   Duplicate PlantPets will go inworld.  ;)  Most recently available (hurry while they're still in stock):
PlantPet Seed [Climbing Rose *Faerie Charmed*]
PlantPet Seed [Poinsettia *Burgundy*]
PlantPet Seed [Wondergarden *Halloween Tea*]
PlantPet Seed [Lily *Lollipop*]
PlantPet Seed [Bonsai *Blue Leaf*]
PlantPet Seed [Tulip *Candy*]
PlantPet Seed [Climbing Rose *Purple Royale*]
PlantPet Seed [Smiling Orchid Tree *White*]

Stairway To...
What's that deadly tune wailing in a spiral of destiny?  Oh, it's this very decorative and ingenious ramp!  Climbing up to heaven or descending to the gates of hell, it's all in the eye of the beholder with this masterpiece.  This decorative ramp consists of a tortured prim and a transparent texture to give it that extra bit of mysteriousness! Of course this is Copy/Mod to suit your taste.

Gothic Greeting Card
Now here's something that you can kill a few ravens with one anvil at! 1) You've got a fully functional opening and closing card here. 2) This is complete with a classy Gothic themed stencil (easy to follow instructions are on the inside). And 3) full perms to get totally and creatively covered in pixels with (not to mention decorating your giftee's auras too)! ...Who's their best, thoughtful buddy now? -Was there ever any doubt? ;) We got you covered!

Bat-Heart Locket Choker
You're a classy dark creature who wears their heart on their... uhm, neck! ;) You're a deep being who's not afraid to show their inner beauty! ...This elegantly poetic piece captures those who admire you for what's truly on the inside, heh! This functional locket choker consists of prims, sculpts, and mesh, which open and close on touch! Copy/Mod for your personal preferences.

The experience of building the "Prissy's Majikal Daily Dreams" project definitely broadened our spectrum.  We are very down to Earth people who find joy in working with each other, and now find it rewarding to work with others as well.  If you have an idea you would like to see come to life, and don't know where to begin, let ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) help you!

We also participate in
Current Hunt:
We are sponsoring the Paws, Tails, & Whiskers Hunt 2!

Hunt starts March 1 and runs until the 31rst, more information about this hunt will be posted a couple of hours before the hunt starts!

...To stay up to date on current events or products like hunts, Lindo, Treasure Quest, Superfish, new releases, plus enjoy exclusive limited time offered group gifties! ^v^/<|;) (Bats Out Of Hats) Group Key: 0dceeb4c-62ab-9436-ca6a-5f46106681b4 No room for groups?  No worries!  Click the Subscribr on the Tree Hub to stay in touch. We also have a group referral program going on (one of our current promotions). L$5 per person who's referred to the group or Subscribr and stays for at least a week.  See group notice with "Info. & Newsabunny" Notecard attachment for details

Our current group giftie is
Crown yourself lucky this St. Patty's Day with our Celtic Clover Headband (each clover leaf has a Celtic knot, and the headband piece itself is sparkily) or/and Clover Dope Hat (hat band is studded with silver stars and a resplendent pentacle at the front).  Both attachments emit green faery dust particles.  ...With these verdantly sleek, eye-catching accessories, rest assured, nobody will be pinching you --unless you want them to, of course, heh!  Here's to symbolic, powerful starts and new beginnings, brought to you by the luck of the Irish, and from the depths of the downtrodden.  These adornments are especially majikal, and only available to ^v^/<|;) group members for a limited time!      

(sometimes you will find things there, that aren't available Inworld, and vice versa) (especially PlantPets!)  ;) 

We would like to thank tammy mayo (tammiedee.mayo) of ZoHa Islands, for all her phenomenal help and assistance in setting up our new home at Zamargad.

We would like to recognize Bugs Larnia for her phenomenal scripting help and teaching she does with her counterparts at Faerie Crossing.  Without her awesomeness, 1/2 of our products wouldn't be quite as stunning as they are.  :) ♥

We would also like to thank Cerri (cerridwen.melody), creator of Miss Mischief, who is the most wonderful landlady ever!  She got our new place ready in time for the Around The Grid 4 Hunt, and is by far, a master at working with textures!  :)