Today Is Brought To You By...
Open relationships.

Yeah, I have never really been in one before, but my main guy is playing a dumb "ignoring" game with me (has been for months) and I cannot stand being alone.  So now my side guy has become my main guy, that I call "Daddy."  Daddy and I have years of monogamous history together.  Daddy is currently having emotional issues with sharing me, although he has been in many open relationships before me.  Daddy is handling this quite well, and I love him very much.  Side guy is too important to spend any time with me, although I am waiting for him, eternally.  Side guy does not know about Daddy.  I am waiting for closure of some kind with side guy.  I hate my fucking life.  I wish side guy was Daddy, but it doesn't seem to be in his nature.  His nature is more to be irresponsible.  ...As in, working a hard labor job for cash under the table so he doesn't have to pay child support, and living with his buddy, whom he is also a circumstantial labor slave to.  -I guess he can do whatever he wants because he has the biggest cock I have ever seen?  I resent him for this (so does Daddy).  And more importantly, I resent myself for falling for it.  I fear Daddy will eventually hate me, and I will ruin what feels like the best relationship I've had in a LONG while over a big, dumb, practically useless side guy cock.  I need fucked more, to the point where I cannot walk to the bathroom afterwards in a straight line, EVERYMOTHERFUCKINGDAY ... or... I wish to be dead.

The one good thing I have going for me is that I choose not to spawn and bring forth others like me to walk on this rock and influence others in this fucked up type of behavior as well  ...So you must at least give me credit for that!

Hope your married or single life is much better for you.  Maybe share a bit so I can live happiness vicariously thru you?