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I hope you all are enjoying this new website with the newest technology, keeping up with today's trends and usability.

I see steady growth of members and posts. Soon I will make a Help page with tutorials as time allows so you all can harness this website to it's maximum potentials and understand the basics of it's algorithm how and why certain posts show up in the Hot section and what makes a post Hot and/or Popular.

As you know ASNERS.COM is a completely free website for all members. That doesn't mean it is free to host it, run it,maintain it.

You probably noticed that we have banners on the header and the footer of the website. Those are Amazon affiliate ads, which means that when you click on them, it takes you to the Amazon website and if you buy anything ASNERS will receive a 5-10% commission which can be used towards it's costs.

Everyone loves shopping and Amazon is a popular place to start. Why not start it with these banners?

Currently the banners only serve the US based Amazon but I'm working on getting region targeted Amazon links.

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